Param 8000

Indian Supercomputer (param 8000) – Technological revolution in india

Today we discuss about India’s First SuperComputer and how it beat America. Lets learn Many know our first supercomputer was called PARAM (Superior) PARAM 8000 to be Specific we were conducting pure Nuclear tests then The smiling Buddha test had just happened. America did not like this ,hence they imposed sanctions on India .Which banned several imports. Sections under MTCR( Missile Technology Control Regime ) Because of Which we could not import US made CRAY Supercomputers.

India's Supercomputer
India’s Indegenious Supercomputer

MET department of India had a Cray supercomputer which had a US gatekeeper which would keep tab on the use. ISRO was in the need for more Supercomputers ISRO also need some for the SAR radar which it was developing . Supercomputer of india.

Although America has sanctions , Europeans were ready to help . PARAM exists because of Dr. Vijay Bhatkar on screen are some of the top honors he has when he was asked by the prime minister if we can make a super computer, He said i have not used one but seen one in pictures but he can definitely make one and its cost which includes making a institution, developing the technology , and installaton will cost less than CRAY because of this a new institution was formed .

Indian supercomputer
Indian Supercomputer

It was named CDAC it still exists ! under department of Electronics It works on advance computing facilities of India Some of India’s best computer scientists were called and asked to work on PARAM. we did not have aceess to special high performance CPUs. he borrowed parts from off the shelf workstations and servers using all of that including in house technology PARAM 8000 was made It was a shock to the entire world since according to them a third world country had achieved this .

Param 8000

That too without help from deveeloped countries the real insult was when Dr. Vijay Bhatkar decided to take PARAM to Zurich to benchmark it . When it was benchmarked it became the 2nd most powerfull computer in the world then 5 Gigaflops was the peak performance Although we came second ,It was a big slap on the face for America .we did it on our own. It was a big feat to achieve This event also lead CRAY to reduce their prices since India was basically stealing their market. PARAM was cheaper to make and had close performance Vijay Bhatkar sir will sure be proud of what he has achieved .

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